Journey Into the Heart of D&D

Hello! I’m Karina and I’m here to help immerse you in the world of fantasy and imagination. This blog is meant to educate and hopefully enlighten you in the ways of table top gaming, more specifically, Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. If you’re new, I’ll be teaching some basic and fun ways to play this game, and if you’re a veteran of the D&D universe, you’ll probably get a kick out of this information!

About me

What I really want to accomplish here is to help new players make sense of building characters and getting to know the game system. I myself am pretty new to D&D as I’ve only played this game for about three years. Within the last three years though, I’ve played many types of table top games in my free time and have gotten to know the system pretty well. Every week I’m part of two campaigns, a fifth edition and pathfinder that meet over the weekend. I’m hoping that with the information I give you, you’ll always feel excited building up your characters. Creating characters is one of the best parts of playing a RPG table top game since you get to customize and let your imagination run wild when picking out certain traits and background information for your character.

The Ground Plan

Let’s get right to it! Basically what I’m going to do is write two different types of posts a week that will be focused on two important roles in these table top games.

  • The first post will focus on helping new players learn the system and get to know their characters well enough to play them as they see fit. Here, I’ll have some detailed information about important D&D sections and I’ll break down these parts so it’s easy to comprehend.
  • The second post will focus on teaching potential new Dungeon Masters the rules of D&D. Being a DM takes a while to get used to, and knowing how to become a storyteller will help create an immersive experience for your player characters.



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