Character Creation

Today, I’m going to help you create a character. In the world of D&D, there are a lot of steps in creating new characters that seem daunting at first. I’m going to help you understand basic character creation and how fun it can be to create your own character.


This is what a typical fifth edition character sheet looks like. There is some added content to this sheet such as an extra ability slot on the left side (comeliness). The detail and information you need to put into the sheet is great, but it’s also very simple. Here are steps to fill out the sheet!

  1. Roll a 4d6 to get your ability scores and drop the lowest number in that role. For example, if you rolled 4,4,1,5 you’d drop the 1 and add the rest of them to get your ability score. Do this five more times to get a total of six ability scores. Do not assign them to any of the abilities just yet. Below is an image of what you’d want to do. If you want to know more about each ability score, here’s a link to each one in full detail.
  2. Here’s an example of how to start off your character sheet.
  3. Pick a race and class in the book and add it to the sheet. Each class has their own special race and class features. Be sure to also check the sub-race categories because you’ll get added benefits for your character. Add these traits and features to the column with Features & Traits. You’ll also get a bonus ability score increase with your race. When you’re finished with that, come look at the updated sheet.  If you look under each ability score, you’ll see a small round oval. This is where you’d put the ability modifier for each ability score. Here’s a webpage to figure out each ability score.
  4. This is the added traits and bonuses your character gets on your character sheet.
  5. Now it’s time to add a background story to your character. In the fifth edition handbook, there are many different backgrounds you can choose from which give you different bonuses in this case, I’m going to use the Outlander background and gain proficiency in Athletics and Survival. I also get an extra language.
  6. Everything should be tied together at this point. Here’s the final updated character sheet!

This is all of the information you need to create your first character sheet. All you need to do is basically follow the book’s outline and you’ll do fine. If you have any questions on creating a character, please feel free to ask a question down below!

If you don’t have the book, there are some copies floating around the internet that you can find!


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