Basics of being a Dungeon Master

The process of becoming a Dungeon Master can be a bit intimidating at first since you have to prepare ahead of time the adventures your player characters are going to experience. If you’re interested in storytelling and controlling (mostly) what happens to the characters you’ve put into your universe, then this is the right fit for you!

If you want to become a successful DM, you have to:

  1. Know the rules of D&D Fifth Edition.
    1. You don’t need to know every single rule in the handbook, but you should know the basic rules of combat, character creation, rolling for skills, conversation with NPCs, etc. Try and teach your players these basic rules in order to make the game run smooth and efficiently. dm

(This image is a representational picture of what a DM does. He mixes many different elements to create an interesting scenario.)


  1. Create a universe that will entice the player characters to explore.
    • The great part about being a DM is that you get to create your own universe. Here you choose what you want your story to be and what story path you want your player characters to go down. Make a world that will intrigue the players and make them want to explore their surroundings. They might surprise you with what they want to do in the world.
  2. Be willing to adapt your story if characters do the unexpected.
    • Players always find ways to do crazy and unexpected actions that may catch you off guard. If this happens, just go with their actions and improvise some fun and unexpected outcome of their actions. This way, it’s fun for both parties.
  3. Be able to explain the world in great detail and also narrate what the characters are doing.
    • Being a DM means you need to become a storyteller that will describe the world you’ve created, and be able to walk the players through an interactive story that changes through their actions. The fun part about being a DM is interacting with the other players and morphing your story to fit their personalities and characters.
  4. Interact with the characters through combat and conversations.
    • Another great thing about being a DM is that you can put your characters through combat and watch them enemies you throw at them. You can watch player characters either protect or hinder each other in combat situations. You can also choose to have characters interact with Non Player Characters for many reasons like getting information or bartering.

Becoming a DM isn’t difficult, but there’s a lot you have to keep in mind if you want to pursue this role in D&D.

If you want more tips, check out this Reddit page!



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