Creating your own universe

(Image shown is a poster depicting what a DM’s role is in D&D.)


Being the Dungeon Master, it’s your job to create an expansive universe for your players to explore and interact with. I will help guide you in the arts of world creation. Here are some things you should know about creating a world:

  • Read and own all of the Core Rulebooks (Monster Manual, Player’s Handbook, and Dungeon Master’s Guide) to understand and get an idea of what you want your world to be like. You’ll also find information on creating campaigns and worlds in the Dungeon Master’s Guide.
  • Think about your favorite universes and feel free to gather some inspiration from these worlds. Also think about what you’d want the player party to experience while they’re playing.
  • Get to know your player party and use their characters and backgrounds to create a world that accompanies all of their stories. It will make your universe relevant and interesting to your party to have a world that has plenty of interaction with their characters.


(D&D map on Steam)


  • Figure out how big you want your world to be. That way you can focus on a city they’re going to be in for the entirety of the campaign or have many different cities and towns where they’ll have encounters. You can have the party start off in a slow area and gradually add more information about the world each game.
  • Have a detailed world! Your players will really enjoy knowing lots of detail and it will give them a better sense of what they can do and what to interact with. Sketch out areas and show them where all of the important landmarks they can view. But be careful with having too much detail. Too much information takes way to long to get through. So just have enough where you’ll keep the players interested.

Those are the basics of creating your own world! It’s a lot of work and research, but with your imagination you can surely think of a kick-ass world that everyone will love.



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