Creating NPCs

(Featured image is just an image of Skyrim characters)



(Examples of different types of NPCs you can have)


The key to making a great universe and keeping players interested in the story is to create memorable and interesting NPC’s or Non-Player Character. When you create a NPC, make sure you describe them in great detail. For example:

Here’s something that you should avoid doing.

  • He was a human with a beard and dirty clothes. (This is not very descriptive and it doesn’t give a good image of what this character looks like.)

A better example of this character would look a little something like this:

  • Hollering loudly at the other side of the dining table stood a very tall and heavy set human. His face looked sunken and dirty as the light from the fireplace flickered a warm orange. His beard was mangled and thick and it looked as though there was food buried inside his beast of facial hair. His eyes are bright blue and seemed to light up the room through his glances. Looking at his shirt, you could tell that he had all types of stains but you didn’t know or care to know what exactly was on there. (This description is more detailed and it gives you a feel about this character’s personality.)

You want to make sure that your NPC helps the party in some way. They need to have a reason why they’re interacting with the player party, and they should provide the party with something. Here are the 3 basic NPCs you can make for your campaign.

  • The Informational NPC- This NPC knows all types of information and tends to shower the player party with useful information on where to go and what dangers lie ahead of them. They also know where to get supplies and other useful items for the player’s journey.
  • Connection NPC- These characters know all sorts of people and are willing to network with the player party. This NPC will point you to a informational NPC in exchange for money for for a favor.
  • Party NPC- This NPC will travel with the player party for a short or long period of time. If there’s a tiny party, the DM might have this character fill in for bigger boss fights or for swarms of enemies. This character might just be in your party for the players to escort to some location.

Make sure your NPC will be useful anytime they interact with the player party. Don’t just have this character provide errands and missions for the party. Make them a valued member of the team.

If you want to play around with this NPC Character Generator, here’s the link to do so. Or maybe you want to start making your NPC from scratch, here’s the link to create a whole new NPC character.

Creating a NPC is fun! You get to interact with the player party and help them find their way through the story.

For some more tips on creating an NPC character, click this!




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