How to work (or not work) as a Team

In D&D, you are pretty much forced to join up with a group of characters you don’t know and go on adventures to far off and dangerous players. You have two options at this point, work together and make sure everyone in the party is alive by the end of the campaign or your other option is to look out for yourself and try and screw over your party. In this blog, I’ll give you some tips on how to participate in both sides of team building and destroying.


Working in a team can be a very beneficial and interesting tactic when you’re in a party. Here are a list of benefits from working in a group:

  • Team mates can give you in an advantage when you’re rolling skills. Instead of rolling one dice you can roll two dice and pick the higher roll.
  • You can accumulate more money working in groups because the quest giver will likely give your party more pay for a mission. It’s also pretty fun stealing money from other player characters
  • There are feats your party can get from working in a team and these can help boost up your rolls.
  • You can designate characters in your party to do certain rolls for certain events. For example, if you have someone in your party that has a high charisma you might want them to do all of the talking for your party. Maybe you have someone in your party that has a high intelligence and wisdom, you can have them be the historian and make history checks on things the party doesn’t know.
  • You can have some pretty interesting conversations with the party and sometimes those conversations can be memorable. In my D&D campaign I was best friends with a chaotic evil elf (I also played a chaotic evil elf) who was extremely vain. We made a pact to mess with our party half-orc and our characters got a long fairly well. Unfortunately we both died pretty early in our adventure.

Maybe you don’t want to work well with your group, maybe you want to watch the world burn. I’ve been in the same boat with my chaotic evil rogue elf. Let me give you some tips on not participating in your party!

  • Go ahead and do things on your own. If you have high skills and good ability scores you can go off and do stuff on your own so you don’t have to participate with your characters. Be careful though since this can potentially kill off your character since the number one rule in D&D is to “never split up the party”. Your DM might try something to kill off your character.


  • Stay in the background in game and don’t interact with the party much. If your character doesn’t feel comfortable with the party but they want the benefits such as money then just have your character stand in the back.
  • Avoid team killing as that will just piss off the other players and your DM and you’ll have hell to pay. If you want you can mess around with them once in a while but try not to kill them. An exception to this is if you’re playing an evil character and the player character has done something to invoke your wrath.

Choose wisely which path you’d like to take! Personally I love working with others to achieve greatness in the universe.

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