Fun D&D Stories!

I figured for this post, I’d share some fun stories from my D&D campaigns within the past year. I’ll be pulling most of the content from my most recent campaign.

An Estate Adventure:


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So our characters were tasked to visit the Jarl (this campaign has elements of Skyrim and Norse Mythology) of a neighboring kingdom since we were sent to find the kidnapped daughter of the Jarl we met in our first game. To give you a quick rundown of what happened in our first two games, Anfalon and Andraste went to a political party at the Jarl of Iskalen and in order to talk to the Jarl, we had to compete in a drinking contest. While Anfalon drank his heart out, my character Andraste noticed a peculiar figure sit in the back of the room.This character was super shady and I decided to stare at him all night. He was a elf dressed in a dark hood, and he was completely batshit crazy. Turns out this mysterious figure poisoned the Jarl and he let in an army of crazy men. There was a bloody fight in the room we were in and only Andraste, Anfalon, and Finnigan made it out alive. We watched the Jarl’s daughter Elissia get kidnapped and we were paid by the  brother of the Jarl to get her back. This is where we met our druid friend Halbark and we set off to the neighboring kingdom to get back the daughter.

Fast forwarding to the present, we had just arrived at the estate of this new Jarl and we had heard that the mysterious elf served as the adviser for this Jarl so my character was excited to go off on this elf. We entered the front gates of the estate and greeted the Jarl with enthusiasm. (At this point, my friend Erin pretended that she was the wife of the Jarl, who’s played by our DM, and proceeded to sit on his lap) Andraste tried to get some information out of the Jarl but Anfalon, our party idiot, tried to attack the Jarl. Andraste tried to calm things down but they were kicked out of the estate. Feeling mischevious, Anfalon attack the Jarl once more but the rest of the party was prepared. Everyone bolted out the door as soon as Anfalon cast his spell. He was left along surrounded by an entire army of guards. Luckily, he went straight for one of the weaker soldiers and knocked him down and booked it. He ran throughout town trying to get away from the soldiers. He came across a cliff with a nice big body of water down at the bottom. But it was over 50 feet long and there was a bit of land separating the water from the cliff. There was a 50/50 chance of him making it into the water without any harm but he ended up rolling low in his acrobatics check and broke a lot of bones. Finnigan helped heal some bones but Anfalon needed to see a doctor to fix the rest of him. Because of Anfalon’s stupidity, he broke himself.

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Playing Matchmaker:


Me playing as Andraste, the chaotic neutral drow elf warlock
Nate playing as Zaren, the chaotic neutral half-orc barbarian


Setting the record straight, I have two Andrastes, both of the are based off each other.

In this campaign, we have myself, my friend Nate, Ann who is our neutral good gnome bard, Spencer who is our chaotic neutral half-orc fighter, and our last member Nick who is our neutral human druid. The other three people couldn’t make this game so we just had a side quest that Nate and I went on. We went to a job board and found a job posting that asked for assistance in finding a husband for a barmaid at the village tavern. We entered the tavern and ordered some drinks. Out from the backroom came the ugliest women in existence. Funny thing is that she was also one of the sweetest human beings on this planet. Andraste informed her that they were there to assist in finding a suitable husband for the lady. The lady introduced herself as Holga and we started to proceed to figure out our next course of action.

Our first choice was to set up a blind dating event at the tavern that would hopefully find her a suitable mate. In order to build stands for the event, we went to the nearest woodworking shop. Since my character hates giving other people money, she tried to talk her way out of paying for the stand. After trying to persuade the workers and failing, she came up with the plan to disguise herself as a tyrant from the kingdom over. After rolling low on my disguise check, I had a badly put together disguise with an off balanced mustache. The entire business laughed at my looks and my character got so mad she cursed the entire room to laugh themselves to death. Feeling like she failed, Andraste then decided to hand off Holga to the Dragonborn tyrant off in the mountains since she heard some rumors that the dragon prince was looking for a bride. Holga grabbed her belongings and traveled with us to the mountains.

Along the way, Andraste told Holga bullshit stories about the “brave and handsome prince” and tried to make her excited about meeting her future husband. On our way there, we were stopped by bandits who wanted to rob us. We were surrounded and we were prepared to fight to the death until Holga stepped in and said, “Oh, are one of these men my future husband?”. The sheer terror on all of their faces after looking at her was priceless. They ran off and we continued on our journey to the mountains. Before we reached our final destination, Andraste made sure to use lots of makeup to try and make Holga passable. We got to the entrance of the cave where the tyrant lived and we had to persuade him to come outside. Stepping out to where we were, he took one look at Holga and fell in love. We were rewarded with 10 gold pieces each and we walked back to the village.

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