Roleplaying 101

(Has a full character party and things they might want to do in this area)


What I love most about playing D&D is the roleplaying. You fully immerse yourself when you interact with other player characters and your DM. Here are some tips on roleplaying your character in D&D.

  • Think about your character’s personality. Is your character cool and collected? Or maybe s/he’s erratic and completely insane. Practice your character’s personality by yourself to get a feel of what you want to do for the game.
  • Use any hopes, dreams, fears, history, and goals to play out your character. Having a background for your character will help steer you towards roleplaying. You’ll have information about why your character does certain things, and you’ll also get to explore relationships with other player characters and non-player characters.


(Image is a representation of how to roleplay a character.)


  • Find images that represent what your character looks like. Having an image what what your character looks like can help with roleplaying. If your character is attractive, you can play your character as a confident and outgoing character who flirts with everyone to get information. If your character is a stout and rugged character, you can have that character be more intimidating and have the ability to lie better than most of the characters.
  • Try not to annoy the other player characters too much. It takes the fun away if you mess too much with the other players. I’ve been in campaigns where we had a couple of characters mess up relationships and the story for our characters. It was hard then after that to get back into playing our campaign.

If you’d like a more detailed guide on how to roleplay and play your character, click the link!


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